Thelakkat, Prof. Mukundan

Mukundan Thelakkat joined BASF AG Ludwigshafen as a postdoctoral fellow after his Ph.D. in polymer science from the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena in Germany in 1992. Subsequently he worked as a guest-scientist followed by habilitation in Macromolecular Chemistry at Bayreuth. In 2006 he accepted the Professorship for Applied Functional Polymers at the University of Bayreuth. He is the coordinator for the Keylab Device Engineering under Bavarian Polymer Institute as well as for the Bavarian research network, “Solar Technologies go Hybrid” at Bayreuth. A key research theme of his group is the design and development of multifunctional organic polymers and hybrid systems suitable for applications in photovoltaics, bioelectronics and batteries.