Sparnacci, Dr. Katia

Katia Sparnacci. Graduated in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Bologna with a polymer chemistry topic, she earned her PhD in Chemical Sciences working on the synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of new polymeric delivery systems for biologically active biomolecules. Since 2014 she is Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry and Polymeric Material at the University of Piemonte Orientale, working on the development of nanomaterials including both the synthesis and the morphological control of the nanostructures as well as the thermomechanical behaviour and processing conditions. She has a major expertise in synthesis, characterization and self-assembly of polymeric materials, in particular functional nano and microparticles for photonic applications and random and block copolymers by controlled radical polymerization processes (NMP, RAFT, ATRP) for microelectronic applications. She has published over 90 peer reviewed articles and 5 international patents.