Reiter, Prof. Günter

Günter Reiter is professor for experimental polymer physics at the physics institute of the University of Freiburg/Germany. He studied physics in Graz/Austria, where he received his PhD in 1987. After five years at the MPI for Polymer Research in Mainz/Germany and two years at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign/USA, he stayed 14 years in Mulhouse/France as a researcher at the CNRS. In 2008 he accepted his current position in Freiburg.His research interests are covering questions on the behavior and properties of polymers at interfaces, ordering and crystallization processes in complex systems, and the formation of functional structures on surfaces.He has previously been Editor-in-Chief of The European Physical Journal E Soft Matter and is now Editor for The European Physical Journal Special Topics (EPJ ST) and since 2013 serves as a Divisional Associate Editor for the Physical Review Letters.