Gorrasi, Prof. Giuliana

Giuliana Gorrasi is Associate Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Salerno (Italy). The teaching activitiy regards the teachings of General and Inorganic Chemistry at all Engineering courses, with particular reference to the chemical bases of technology. Her research activity is focused on the study of the correlation between structural organization and physical properties of polymeric materials, composites and nanocomposites. She is the author of several publications in international peer review journals with high impact factor (www.scopus.com), several book chapters on the invitation of the Editor, 4 patents, and presented original contributions in many national and international conferences. Her research activity is mainly devoted to the preparation and characterization of structural and functional polymeric composites and nanocomposites.The innovative and original contribution of scientific production within this theme is represented by the use of mechanical milling (MM) as an ecological and economic alternative to obtain a homogeneous dispersion of nano-fillers inside polymeric matrices.The use of MM involves several advantages:• strong reduction in the disposal of substances harmful to the environment, such as solvents• control of degradation processes deriving from the use of high temperatures• possibility of compatibilizing mixtures of incompatible materialsThe simultaneous production and dispersion of nano-particles, the promotion of mixing processes that can occur mechanically-chemically and the possibility of manipulating thermosensitive organic molecules, such as antimicrobials, oxygen-scavengers, and molecules with pharmacological activity, has allowed get new materials for targeted applications. Moreover, this technology has been proved to be particularly useful and efficient for the preparation of new nanocomposites based on natural polymers and from renewable sources, for which both the in situ polymerization method and the mixing in the melt are impracticable.