Gerbaldi, Prof. Claudio

Claudio Gerbaldi, PhD in Material Science and Technology (2006), is Associate Professor of Principles of Chemistry for Applied Technologies at the Politecnico di Torino. He is the leader of the Group for Applied Materials and Electrochemistry (GAME-Lab, at the Department of Applied Science and Technology. He has a > 15-years’ experience on electrochemical energy storage (mainly, Li/Na-based and post Li-ion batteries) and conversion (mainly, dye-sensitized and perovskite solar cells) devices with a specific focus on the development of advanced polymer electrolyte membranes by light-induced and thermal polymerisation, as well as bio-inspired nanostructured electrode materials by sustainable water-based production techniques, their assembly in lab-scale cells and thorough electrochemical characterization. He is Author/co-Author of more than 125 high-impact peer-reviewed scientific research articles with > 1000 annual citation counts in recent years and h-index 39 (source SCOPUS, 11/2019), > 150 oral/poster communications (8 as distinguished invited speaker) to international conferences, several book chapters and 5 international patents. He is member of the governing board of the Electrochemistry division of the Italian Chemical Society. Among others, he has received the Piontelli Award for outstanding results in Applied Electrochemistry from the President of the Italian Republic (2015) and the ‘‘UniCredit Award’’ for the Young Innovation in Research (2007).