Almdal, Prof. Kristoffer

Kristoffer Almdal (60 yrs.’) is professor of polymers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He holds an MSc (1985) in physical organic chemistry and a PhD (1989) in polymer chemistry both from the University of Copenhagen. After a 1-year post at Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota KA was at Risø National Laboratory in various positions. At the merger of Risø National Laboratory with DTU in 2007, he was head of the Polymer Department. KA has headed a range of international and national research projects. The research interest is centered on the design and synthesis of model polymers that allow studies of selected phenomenon in polymer physics, biophysics, and polymer degradation. Major effort has been in self-organization in diblock copolymers and mikto-arm triblock copolymer stars. Another major interest is elongational flow in model branched polymer melts and solutions. Furthermore, interest in nanoparticle sensors and interactions between biological macromolecules such as hetero exopolysaccharides and proteins. KA has published close to 200 paper in international peer reviewed periodicals. These papers have been cited more than 9000 times.